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posted on   3rd October 2014

Free NHS flu jabs are available here if you are aged betwwen 18-64 years of age and in a clinical risk group e.g. chronic respiratory disease chronic obstructive pulmonary disease COPD chronic heart disease chronic kidney disease chronic liver disease chronic neurological disease .....

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The pharmacy that cares has been providing health care for you and families for the last 20 years. We are located in a delightful village called Tarvin near Chester but we also deliver our services to the wider area of Western Cheshire.

We appreciate the support from such a charming  community and the kind things that people have written in our annual surveys. 97% have rated our overall services as excellent or very good.

Our free prescription collection & delivery service is vey popular. We have disabled access to the pharmacy. We are taking nominations for the NHS electronic prescription service. We are an independent pharmacy. Customer service is always very important to us but we are mindful of the ever changing NHS. We can offer advice on healthy living, blood pressure , diabetes, and annual flu vaccinations.

Our NHS services include medicine use reviews, New Medicine service, stop smoking, emergency contraception, minor ailments service, needle exchange and observed consumption.

My gmc number Ian littler 2027785

Pharmacy gmc  premise number is 1029548


We collect prescriptions from


Tarporley Health Centre Park Road, Tarporley

Dr P Campbell and associates

Dr R Gleek  Dr A Adey and Dr Griffin medical practice


Kelsall Medical Centre, Church Street, Kelsall, Dr M Durrant, Dr Hinds,


Bunbury Medical Practice, Bunbury

Sandiway Surgery, Sandiway


any  surgeries in Chester by arrangement.

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Diocalm Ultra Capsules Pack Of 6
Loperamide (2mg)
AAA Sore Throat Spray Pack of 60
Benzocaine (1.5MG)
Ashton & Parsons Infants Powders Pack of 20
Matricaria (0.002ml)
Dulcolax Laxative Tablets Pack of 20
Bisacodyl (5mg)
Dulcolax Laxative Tablets Pack of 60
Bisacodyl (5mg)
Hydromol Emollient Bath Additive 1ltr
Liquid paraffin (37.8%)
Orovite '7' One a Day Sachets Pack of 10
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Balneum Bath Oil 500ml Pack of 2
Soya oil (84.75% w/w)
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Bisacodyl (5mg)
Isopto Alkaline Eye Drops Solution 1% 10ml
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Benzoyl peroxide (10%)
Antipeol Ointment 37g
Zinc oxide (20% w/w)
Anusol Cream 23g
Zinc oxide (10.75g)
Anusol Ointment 25g
Zinc oxide (10.75g)
Dithrocream 0.25% 50g
Dithranol (0.25%)
Ultra Chloraseptic Anaesthetic Throat Spray Original Menthol 15ml
Benzocaine (0.71%)
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Promethazine theoclate (25mg)
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Docusate sodium (0.5%)
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